My Spain Top Five (… so far)

I’m back in Spain for a second year teaching English as an Auxiliar de Conversación with the BEDA program and I couldn’t be happier with deciding to stay a second year! If year two is going to be anything like last year, I cannot wait! BUT before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s recap my favourite trips of my 2017/2018 year on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Sisters Inspiring Sisters: The PopUp Shop

fight down (v): to oppose, fight against, resist strongly

Trinidad & Tobago is home to many things and the constant “fight down” might just be one of them. The definition above might be too formal so let’s put it into the context of last weekend’s Pop Up Shop at VAS Lounge to get it’s true meaning.

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Salvador Da Bahia: First Impressions 

I’m a low expectations kinda girl, so when I booked my ticket to Salvador da Bahia back in March I had no real expectations of the city. I didn’t even know much about it, just a bit about the afro-Brazilian population that calls the city home.

Flying into the city after a whirlwind week of non-stop travel around Colombia’s Caribbean coast gave me an unexpected wake-up call! As soon as I got to Salvador all that tiredness disappeared and was replaced with awe!

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