Welcome to Astrid Oxford Travels!

This is the story of how travel allowed me to meet myself.

When we travel we never expect to find that the places we visit and things we see or do become overshadowed by our (re)discovery of self.

About Astrid Oxford

AstridOxford is a pseudonym that tells the story of who and where. Born Aneakaleigh-Ann Astrid Neils and growing up all my life on Oxford Street in the heart of the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, I always knew I wanted to lead a life of travel.

Four years of travel has taught me so much about the wider world I live in, but the most important lessons I have learnt are about who I am and have always been.

Learn to travel outside the box with unique insights from Caribbean Millennial travellers just like you who are redefining the travel game one trip at a time!

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Instagram has been home to the last two years of travels in and around Spain and Europe. Follow along so you won’t miss out when I share invaluable advice and take the gang on an unmissable adventure.